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              Nebraska Natural Resources Districts News
              LINCOLN, Nebraska – The Lower Platte South Natural Resources District (LPSNRD) Board of Directors awarded construction contracts for three new projects when it met Oct. 21, 2020. A project to repair a weir on Oak Creek, near 14th Street and Saunders Avenue (Lincoln), is the largest of the three...Read more
              AUBURN, Nebraska – A warm, sunny day greeted the 208 FFA students who competed at the annual Southeast Area Land Judging Contest. Held every fall, the 2020 contest took place on Oct. 7, 2020, east of Auburn, Nebraska. The contest was sponsored by the Nemaha Natural Resources District with...Read more
              BEATRIC, Nebraska -- The Lower Big Blue Natural Resources District (NRD) will close recreation areas to vehicle traffic for the season Oct. 26, 2020. Big Indian Recreation Area, located southwest of Wymore; Swanton Wildlife Management Area, located north of Swanton; Walnut Creek Recreation Area,...Read more
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